Carnegie Elite Security has always been driven by a clear and precise purpose – which is to deliver quality services to our clients and partners and to strengthen ties in the communities we work in.

We have a unique culture, and strong moral values that shape the way we work and carry out assignments, building on these key foundations we created a long-term 5 point strategy to guide our business and services. 

5 point strategy:

  • To provide a great service by meeting our clients needs
  • Delivering a tailored approach to each client 
  • To go over and beyond expectations 
  • To treat everyone equally and fairly 
  • To be environmentally friendly and lower all our carbon emissions and footprint whenever possible

Looking forward we seek to be the leading security services provider globally by implementing key initiatives and by constantly improving ourselves in important areas like customer satisfaction, and by embracing advanced technologies in our organisations to help us better meet our customers needs.